Work with Attorneys

Over the years I have had the honor to serve as an expert witness and an expert consultant on a number of law suits.  Sometimes I was hired by the law firm and sometimes I was hired by the litigating party.  As of this writing I have been deposed 5 times and testified at trial 4 times.  I understand the intensity of the work required and the importance of clear communications in these assignments.

One of my most substantial engagements was a class action law suit against an insurance company by its customers.  The insurance company was exiting a line of business and its customers felt that one of the promises included in their policies was not being honored.  Plaintiffs were being represented by one of the largest law firms in the US.  The defendant was one of the largest insurance companies in the US.  The poor jury was forced to listen to testimony from 8 different actuaries over two weeks. Clearly, this was a very challenging and interesting assignment.

Another engagement involved a large third-party administrator and a major health insurance company.  The TPA marketed a program that supplemented group medical insurance plans.  The insurance company felt that the supplemental coverage damaged the experience on their primary insurance coverage.  Thus, the insurance company did all it could to discourage its clients from buying the supplement.  The TPA sued for restraint of trade.  I was the expert witness for the TPA.

Finally, I have been involved in a divorce case where one of the marital assets is an equity interest in an insurance organization.  I have been asked to appraise the value of the insurance organization.

I look forward to serving as an expert witness and an expert consultant on more cases in the future.